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Welcome to contracting with Family First Life Medicare. We have been working hard with Integrity to get FFL agents access to additional Medigap, Medicare Advantage, and Health carriers and are excited to roll these out to you!

Enter your FFL Agency name in the form so we can get you placed properly.

If you already have existing Medicare contracts through another Medicare IMO, please send your current commission schedules to so we can see what your options are to move them under FFL.

Outside Medicare Agents

In order to contract, you must have an active health license and current E&O coverage. If you have that, you are ready to start requesting carrier appointments.

In addition to Medicare and health insurance, FFL offers high carrier contracts on life insurance, annuities and supplemental health insurance as well. We are an open platform, so you're welcome to request all or just some (or even just one!) of our available carrier appointments.

In the form to the right, enter "Outside" in the FFL Agency field and our contracting staff will reach out to you to send you the right contracting mix for your business.

Here are the steps to follow once you fill out this form:

  • Look for the contracting links sent to your email and complete them
  • Look out for welcome emails from the carriers, after you receive a writing number from the carriers you can set up portals directly with the carriers
  • Get "Ready to Sell" status & start having conversations with your clients

Please email: if you have any questions.

We look forward to working with you!



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